Did you gnome? Chouffe is turning 40!

Oh my Chouffe! This year, our brewery is celebrating our 40th birthday. Can you believe that Marcel and his gnome pals have been keeping the beer flowing for you and your friends since 1982?

A real Chouffe-story

Over the last 40 years, Marcel and his gnome friends have had some really chouffe-tastic times at the brewery! Join us in looking back over the milestones of our incredible success story. Let's go!


Achouffe, where it all started....

27 August 1982: a landmark date for Chouffe. On that day, at the heart of the Vallée des Fées, Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts brewed the very first 49-litre batch of Marcel's favourite beverage. A symbolic date for a fab-brew-lous beer!


Once a hobby, now a worldwide phenomenon

Having started out as a hobby by its founders, the Brasserie d'Achouffe went on to achieve overwhelming success. So much so that Pierre and Chris made it a full-time endeavour in 1986. Marcel and his friends now brew Chouffe beers in around fifty countries! Cheers! Gezondheid! Santé! Salud! Prost! Skol!


One small barrel for man, one giant bottle for mankind

5,000 hectolitres! That's how much Chouffe produced in 1992 at its new brewing house. At the time, we only made small 20-litre barrels and large 75-cl bottles. It wasn't until 2009 that we decided to introduce our iconic 33-cl bottles... and a beery good decision that turned out to be!

workers at the brewery

sold in 53 countries

km travelled by unicycle

different beers

A bottle that has become an international icon

Marcel, the most fearless of our gnomes, has always gladly taken centre stage on our bottles. Over the years, he's slowly changed: first he used to collect wheat, then he started riding a unicycle... And now, to mark the brewery's 40th birthday, Marcel has decided to get out his drum and make some noise. Let the celebrations commence!

Immerse yourself in the world of Chouffe!

Marcel and his pals are always the first on the dance floor. You, too? You're in luck! Discover our playlist and brand-new wheel of fortune and take your celebrations to the next level. Don't miss the exclusive prizes up for grabs for our 40th birthday.

Have a blast with Marcel's Chouffe-Fiesta playlist

To encourage you to grab your dancing Chouffe and break out your best moves, Marcel has carefully concocted the perfect playlist: the Chouffe-Fiesta. And if you're lucky, Marcel Jackson might even teach you his famous Chouffe-Walk! Click here!


Marcel has a few surprises up his sleeve for our 40th birthday

We're turning 40. That deserves some exclusive products, right? To mark the occasion, Marcel has some surprises in store: new bottles, new glasses in our exclusive birthday colours, special 40th birthday packs... if you're a real Chouffe-Fan, we challenge you to collect them all!

Marcel and his pals know how to party!

Think you know everything about us?

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